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Discount Student airfare to India

Cheap student airfare to India - discounted student airfares are easy to find. provides exclusive, significantly discounted airfares to enable students travelling for less. We've compiled a listing of the best places to get great deals on airfare. Check out the list below and purchase reduced-cost travel products online.

Bangalore (BLR)Thai Airways - TGDirect flight11,00016,2001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,10018,1001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight11,00019,0006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,10020,8006 months/high Ticket Condition
Chennai (MAA)Direct flight10,40015,7001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight11,40017,7001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight10,40017,2006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight11,40018,9006 months/high Ticket Condition
Delhi (DEL)Air India (AI)Direct flight7,50012,3003 months Ticket Condition
Cathay Pacific Airways - CXDirect flight-12,8003 months
Jet Airways - 9WDirect flight8,50015,6003 months
Thai Airways - TGDirect flight11,10017,8001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,00019,7001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight11,10019,2006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,00020,8006 months/high Ticket Condition
Gaya (GAY)Direct flight13,70022,3001 year
Hyderabad (HYD)Direct flight11,60017,4001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,80018,4001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight11,60020,4006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,80022,5006 months/high Ticket Condition
Kolkata (CCU)Jet Airways - 9WDirect flight8,60013,2003 months
Thai Airways - TGDirect flight8,30013,4001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight9,10014,3001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight8,30014,3006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight9,10015,7006 months/high Ticket Condition
Mumbai (BOM)Air India (AI)Direct flight7,50012,3003 months Ticket Condition
Bangkok Airways - PGDirect flight10,20013,1001 month
Cathay Pacific Airways - CXDirect flight-11,1003 months
Jet Airways - 9WDirect flight9,10014,9003 months
Thai Airways - TGDirect flight12,00018,0001 month/low/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight13,00019,8001 month/high/V Ticket Condition
Direct flight12,00020,7006 months/low Ticket Condition
Direct flight13,00022,6006 months/high Ticket Condition
Varanasi (VNS)Direct flight14,40023,3001 year

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Important Notes

1. The above fare is applied for the student holds a proven document from the oversea school/a valid student visa or ISIC and Youths.
2. All rates are nett in Thai Baht inclusive of applicable country taxs and security surcharges imposed by airlines
3. International departure airport tax (Baht 500) in Bangkok are excluded.
4. Above airfare are based on economy class and it's adult fare only, child (under12 years) and infant (under 2 years) airfare are on requested.
5. reserves rights to change prices without prior notice.
6. If no any routes match your itinerary, you may complete our Airfare Request Form to suggest us your destination, we will response with special offer within 24 hours.

Ticket Delivery are happy to delivery air-ticket in Thailand FREE OF CHARGES (In & around Bangkok, we arrange ticket delivery by messenger, other provinces by EMS (Express Mail). The Oversea delivery is also available by FEDEX Click here for FeDex delivery fee

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